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Day #27 | What I want from the Apple October event

Day #27 | What I want from the Apple October event
Apple October Event

I’m looking forward to Apple’s October event. I’m in the market for a new phone and do think iPhones are the best. Of course, I’m biased as hell since I’m an Apple Engineer.

Currently, I own the iPhone X and am getting the feeling it is getting outdated. I mean I actually don’t need a new one. I can still take great pictures with it and can browse the internet with it.

But the main problem I’m getting into is that almost hitting the full storage capacity. Which is 64gb and is a bit too little nowadays.

So I hope and also expect new phones to come out. I have no features that I necessarily want. A 90Hz or 120Hz screen would be nice, but that is just a bonus.

I have the iPad Pro which has 120Hz but doesn’t mean it a hassle to use my phone.

But I’m expecting new phones to come out and I will (pre-) order it.

Next to the iPhone, I want AirPods Studio to come out. I had the AirPods Pro and liked the noise-canceling feature. It was amazing, but, refunded it cause it didn’t fit my right ear well enough. It kept making a sound when moving which my normal AirPods didn’t do.

But I was still very impressed. Thus I want the AirPods studio since I’m looking for an Over-Ear headphone. If they won’t release it, I may switch back the Sony and buy the Sony WH-1000XM4.

The last thing I want is some updated about ARM-based Macs. I don’t even want finalized product-lines , cause I rather want them to take their time. Eventually, I want to switch to ARM Macs, so want some regular updates about it.

Overall, these are the updates I expect and hope to come out. This will be an expensive Christmas. 😅