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Health > Work | Daily #259

Health always comes first. There are no buts.
Health > Work | Daily #259
Photo by Lux Graves / Unsplash

Throughout the years, I’ve made this observation in several companies. That is that people tend to keep working even if they are sick. It’s even the case when they have a fever, cough, and basically feel weak throughout their whole body.

Their reason for still working is often that else their deadlines and work will be behind.

That is a dumb reason. Understand that your health always comes first. I don’t believe that when you are sick you create good and quality work. Usually, when you are sick you want to finish it as soon as possible and the rest anyway. Which means taking shortcuts.

Also, once again health comes first. You want to be even sicker the next few days, just cause you didn’t take the time to sleep and rest. Speaking from personal experience, usually sleeping a bunch of extra hours and just laying in bed, heals me faster than anything else.

Let’s say in the event it becomes even worse, the symptoms grow stronger cause you arent’ resting and then you die. That’s a real scenario and not far from the truth especially if you are on the older side.

If you are sick. Rest. There are no buts. There is only recovery. There are only a few exceptions but for the majority of office workers, it is not the case. You are not an athlete like Michael Jordan playing with food poisoning. You are (probably) not the CEO finishing the deal at the last second and can’t let prolong any longer. You aren't a superhuman.

Take care of your health when you are sick. It’s not worth sacrificing your health for work.