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Challenge yourself | Daily #243

I'm better than yesterday and a week ago. All-cause I’m challenging myself.
Challenge yourself | Daily #243
Photo by Francesco Gallarotti / Unsplash

Since the start of 2022, I’ve been challenging myself on all fronts. Building multiple projects, negotiating better circumstances, and training for a physical challenge.

All those challenges have improved me on several fronts. Building a few projects has discovered what I like and more importantly dislike in terms of the target audience(s). I worked, reflected, wrote what I’ve been working on. Some of the projects failed due to the lack of interest and some were discovered during discovery. I now know that I prefer target audiences in the industries of healthcare, education, and productivity.

Then I’ve been slowly getting better deals. From investments to purchases to lifestyle choices. The last week for example I’ve been sleeping an extra 30-60 minutes on average a day, which has had a drastic impact on my overall health in performance. This could only be done by improving both my personal and career circumstances.

And lastly, I’ve been training for my first 10.5k run which is in less than two months. My goal is to run it within 70 minutes, which is an overall and constant pace of 7~ minutes per kilometer. Whether I can reach the goal in two months is not the story. It’s the overall progress I’ve made. My cardio and endurance have improved a lot. My legs are stronger than a few months ago. I'm better than yesterday and a week ago. All-cause I’m challenging myself.

No matter what I do, I need to constantly challenge myself.

Better sleep, better lifestyle, a better career, better compensation, better health, better relations and more can only be truly better if you challenge yourself.

No excuses, only action.