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Truly nice people | Daily #242

It’s about making a small part of the world a brighter place in a dark world.
Truly nice people | Daily #242
Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

I truly believe the nicest people are the ones who have struggled the most. Real struggle.

What do I mean by ‘Nice’?

I’m not talking about the people who have learned how to be nice. Those who are nice for their own benefit. Being nice to gain social status. Being nice to have a network. Being nice to have future opportunities.

Those people always expect something in return, thus they taught themselves how to be nice. The skills to put on a mask for their own benefit. Some would say marketing themselves.

There is nothing wrong with that. They have learned a skill that will probably pay off in some way. The nicer you are, the higher probability other people like you.

It’s not the ones that always say ‘Good Job’, learned to smile, and read somewhere about a shitty feedback sandwich.

I'm not referring to them.

I'm referring to the people who never learned to be nice for their own benefit. They became inherently nice. They smile and laugh no matter what. They help others without ever expecting something in return. They put themselves in hardships to not let others experience struggle. They speak harshly, but honestly. They can be dangerous but are at peace.

That is what a nice individual to me is.

From what I’ve experienced these are the people that have usually really struggled in a part of their life. Struggle can be anything. From having a rough childhood to dangerous experiences to years of training to becoming the best or/and many dark experiences.

I believe that they are nice without ever expecting something in return is cause they experienced true darkness. In those experiences, a genuine smile can light up the world. They understand that. That’s why they are inherently nice because they truly understand what being nice means.

It’s not about gaining status. It’s not about having a network. It’s not about future opportunities. It’s not about being well-liked.

It’s about making a small part of the world a brighter place in a dark world.

They have seen the other end of what true misery can be. The darkness they don’t want others to experience. They are grateful that they live another day and have people around them.

You probably already have a handful of these people. It’s hard to describe or write about them. But they are inherently nice and never expect something in return. Those are the ones that light you up. And I am grateful that I met some of these individuals in my life.