A few weeks ago, I posted that I am working on a new project.

This is Growrilla.

What problem does this mobile app solve?

Remember those times when you want to know how many times you did something? Or somebody asking you about it.

For example:

  • How many times did you go out this month?
  • How many times did you train this year?
  • How many times did buy something online?
  • How many times did you listen to a podcast?

You get the drill.

Growrilla provides a tool to track all these examples and gain insights.

Growrilla will let you count literally anything you want.

See the images below for a sneak peek.

An open beta test will be available before the end of November.

The release will be before the end of this year for you to count all the things you want starting 2021.

Stay tuned!