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Day #53 | COVID19 Test Results

Opened the mail, logged in, and saw the result.
Day #53 | COVID19 Test Results

Woke up today from a good seven-hour sleep.

Had some weird dreams as well, but none of that matter.

I immediately checked up if I got the results of my COVID19 test. Then I saw that indeed my results were in.

I didn’t expect them to be so fast. Most of the people I know that got tested needed to wait more than 24 hours. So I thought maybe it was serious.

Opened the mail, logged in and saw the result.

It was negative.

My girlfriend who I was quarantining with also received her results 2 minutes after. Her’s was also negative.

So we both had a good morning and felt immediately relieved.

What we didn’t understand though is how weren’t positive.

We both spend time with two people there were infected two weeks ago. Not just any amount of time. Literally for 4-5 hours straight. We did have some distance but wouldn’t say 1.5 meters. Probably 1 meter, since most of us are cautious.

We even ate together but used different chopsticks, forks, and spoons.

Since we aren’t sure yet if the tests are accurate, we are being quarantined for just today as well. If we get any symptoms tomorrow, we will get tested again.

But for now, we are not infected luckily.

Time to go outside soon.