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Being truthful | Daily #136

The truth is what matters.
Being truthful | Daily #136

Being true to yourself is a superpower. No need for lies, and no need to keep track of them.

Human nature tends to lie to hide its uncomfortable truth. Whether it is relationship struggles or financial struggles, people tend to hide them. And to hide them they lie.

They lie that it is alright. Or that they are being in the state than they are. Some of them even post photos, purchase things, write tweets, and more just to make them feel more comfortable as possible.

Even though they know deep down it’s not true.

When I was younger, I did the same things. I tried to hide things by lying. These are some examples.

  • Yeah, I studied don’t worry, I will pass. (truth: Haven’t even opened the book yet)
  • Nah sorry, I have things to do, can’t join (truth: Just wanted to play videogames)
  • Yeah, I can get the new videogame easily (truth: was broke)
  • Yeah, I’m not speaking to her anymore (truth: still sms’ed)

Now I’m embarrassed I did those things. I could have just been truthful, and the other would understand (or not). But I was afraid. I was afraid of being cast out or losing my status.

Nowadays, I don’t care anymore. It’s better to use the truth at all times. This is also all thanks to Doctor Jordan B Peterson, who changed my life completely. One of his rules in his book 12 rules of life was (paraphrasing):

Tell the truth. Or at least don’t lie

The truth is what confronts you. It’s hard to keep track of all the lies. When you are being truthful you can confront yourself.

Don’t like a certain relationship? Improve or end it. Don’t tiptoe around and waste valuable time.

Don’t like your weight? Improve or accept it. Don’t lie by telling yourself it’s all okay even though you know it’s not.

Have financial struggles and you being asked about it? Well, you can say that you are doing well, but unless you are being real with yourself, you won’t improve on it.

The truth is what matters.

Unless you accept the truth, you won't improve your situation. Nobody has a perfect life.

Accepting the truth and working on it is one of the biggest bravery in the world.