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Day #3 | Suck at writing? Write

Day #3 | Suck at writing? Write

Since the launch of Kowa, I have realized several things in my life. Some of them I may write about later, but this article is about writing.

I would say that I suck at writing in general. I grew up in the Netherlands and learned Dutch as my second or even third language. I talked mainly in Cantonese with my family members when I was a child. Also, I preferred the English language way more than Dutch.

Some could say I even disrespected the Dutch language while I was young. I was trying to even mix English into Dutch sentences for no reason. Since I was mixing all these languages up, my writing skills were not improving at a high rate.

I never even passed the national exams when it came Dutch in High School. Most of my teachers were like: you are good in mathematics and other subjects so don't worry about it.

A similar experience happened in my Computer Science major/study. I wrote my thesis in English and Dutch. During this process, my assessors even said that while the thesis's content was insightful, my writing sucked and had an impact on my final grade. But of course, they also said, you are good in your other skills so don't worry about it.

Right-back then and there, I should have done something about it. But I was being average to myself and agreed with them.

All of this has led to me being poor in writing.

Now, I want to do something about it.

As time progressed, I truly think that writing is a way more important skill than my other ones. It is the skill to clear up my thinking, documenting down my life, and a form of reaching people.

That's why I am going to write more and improve my writing skill.

What am I going to write about? Not sure, it may be about ideas, software development, my life, or anything else. I just want to keep writing. I'm not going to stay average in this field anymore.