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Day #17 | A streak of bad nights

Day #17 | A streak of bad nights

For the last few days, I’ve been sleeping pretty badly.  There are some factors that are outside of my control that resulted in this. For example, the weather changes from warm to cold, but also things that are a bit too private.

The current streak of bad sleep nights is around 4-5 nights right now. In those nights, I slept on average around 5 hours each night which is too little.

With these nights of bad sleep, I have been low energy, emotionally inconsistent, and performing worse.

My training exercises for example have been decreased due to bad sleep. I realized that my lifts have been weaker than normal. My fitness has also been a bit worse since I'm getting tired more easily.

My emotions also have been up and down. Sometimes I’m energetic and the other times I’m low energy. Thus my emotions are inconsistent which means I may be hard to deal with.

Decisions I make are also affected by my emotions. I was playing poker the other night for example with friends and noticed that my thoughts and reactions were more impatient than usual.

All of these decreases in performance are all due to bad sleep.

This made me realize again how important sleep is.

I remember one line of one of my favorite rappers NAS in his song N.Y State of Mind.

I Never Sleep, Cause Sleep is The Cousin of Death

While the song is amazing, this line should not be taken as a rule for life.  Far from it.

To perform optimally and consistently for your responsibilities,  you need to have a good sleep schedule. That is something you can’t run away from.

For me I’m going to be returning back to my 7-9 hours sleep, cause thanks to sleep I can be the best version of myself the next day.

Have a good night all! 😴