I’m always surprised when people need the best tools to start producing.

They always think that they need the gear first before producing.

Some examples:

  • Somebody who wants to make pictures wants to first buy a camera.
  • Somebody who wants to build an iOS needs the best Mac device in their budget
  • Somebody who wants to write need fully functional CMS first

In my experience, 99% of these people won’t do anything even when they get the purchase. They are addicted to the dopamine of getting excited by a new purchase.  Not the work. That’s what they want. They don’t want to produce. That’s just a story they tell themselves to feel good.

‘When I get this camera, I’m going to make so many good pictures’. Yeah sure, mate.

Want to take pictures? Use your phone's camera. Most of the pictures you see on Instagram are made with mobile phones as well. If you can’t make a good picture on your phone, you won’t do the same with your camera.

Want to build an iOS app? I literally started on a bad windows laptop in a Virtual Machine with macOS installed. From there, I went to build many software apps. Why do you need the latest Mac with the highest performance to follow a course or do a small project?

Want to write? Why do you need a functional CMS? You don’t even write every day or every week. You didn’t put words on a piece of paper yet consistently. Why do you think you are randomly going to write high-quality posts or more with a CMS?

It’s just all so stupid.

I will bet that the people who purchase first without producing anything before, won’t keep up with their goal(s). They weren’t interested in producing. They were interested in the purchase of a new tool.

There are cases when you can benefit from the newest tools. But that only happens when you are a professional. Even then, the chances are slim.

Stop fantasizing about that new tool. Most of the time you don’t need it to produce. Always produce first and then see if that new purchase could optimize your results.