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Day #46 | You are not unmotivated, you are uninterested

You are unmotivated cause you work on the wrong things.
Day #46 | You are not unmotivated, you are uninterested

Everybody has days where they feel unmotivated.

Days where you don’t feel like working.
Days where you don’t feel like talking to colleagues.
Days where you don’t want to do the same things again.
Days where you want to do different things.

The problem is when they have it consecutively or all at times.

Your manager may say that you can get back your productivity by doing some hacks.

Some examples of these could be:

  • Take a walk
  • Go to the gym
  • Switch between difficult and easy tasks
  • Pomodoro technique

While these examples techniques may work, they are not intended to motivate or make you interested in it again.

They are intended to prevent burnout. They should be in place when you work too much. Not when you work too little.

Let’s get to the real cause of you being unmotivated.

The real reason you are unmotivated to work is cause you are working on the wrong things. Or even things that you aren’t interested in (anymore).

You are not unmotivated cause you are uninterested.

When you are uninterested, do you think you want to do anything with it?

No, of course. You are wasting time.

If I’m not interested in creating YouTube videos. Why would I be motivated by them at all?

Also, interests can change. You may once have liked to edit videos, but people are usually not static. They get interested in other things and prioritize them differently. Time changes people.

If you truly want to be productive long-term again, find the right things to work on.

You can do that by changing your tasks. If you are losing interest in web design, switch to app design, or even web development.

If you are losing interest in app development, learn about software sales and see if you like that.

Find your interests again and don’t lie to yourself when you are truly not interested in your profession or tasks anymore.