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Day #10 | Writing streak #9

Day #10 | Writing streak #9

I started writing every day since September 11th.

The goal was to improve my writing and putting my thoughts down on paper.
Since then, I have written nine blogs (ten including this one).

I never imagined that I could post something every day, which is amazing. Of course, my sentence structures and grammar still needs to be improved but that is part of the course.

The only thing I don't like is that it reduces my side-projects my time for developing software. I'm still going to release a new mobile app before the end of this year. This just became harder since I want to do so much.

Maybe my focus is scattered all over the place. Maybe not, let's review at a later.

But if I can manage this keeping this habit up, work full-time, exercise, personal responsibilities, and release another mobile app in addition to Kowa, this year will be another great year in my book.