Everybody experiences writer’s block to some degree. Whether you are writing a column, blog post, page, chapter, or even software code, sometimes you just can’t seem to write anything down.

There could be one or several reasons why writer’s block happen. Some examples are exhaustion, burn-out, personal, distractions, timing, or even perfectionism.

But no matter where it comes from, writer’s block is hard to deal with.
I’ve been only blogging daily less than a full month, but I do have times that I just don’t know what to write.

When these times happen, I remind myself of what goal I set for myself.
Asking the question: Why do I write every day again?

And the answer is: Cause I want to be better.

I’m accountable to myself and not anybody else. I’m sure that some of my blog posts won’t be read by any readers.

But I don’t care. This is about me.  This is my blog.

Every day that I write and publish something, is the day that I improved myself. Being somebody better than he was yesterday.

So no matter what, SOMETHING has to be on paper.

Once the writer’s block happens. I ask myself questions like:

  • what happened today that could be in the form of a blog post?
  • what notes did I write down that could in shared in a story?
  • Is there something on my mind that can be shared?
  • What is the news from the topics that I like and what are my thoughts about it?

Most of the time, these questions will result in something on paper.
Then I write more and more.

Dealing with writer’s block is hard, but it won’t stop me from this writing streak and goals yet.