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Why learning the basics of programming is important

Working with software developers optimally.
Why learning the basics of programming is important

Programming or coding is a skill that is very important in every industry now. If you do not know how to code anything, you will be looked down upon. But should everyone learn to code?

Well, short answer yes.

Technology is everywhere, whether you like it or not. People are glued to the internet and more people are joining. However, this doesn't mean you should become one of the best engineers in your area. Society has proven that it needs other roles as well. Not only software engineers.

So why should you learn to code then? Why can't you just focus on learning to lead, design, write, draw, speak, or any other skill?

Well, let's be honest. There is no such thing as somebody who can only do one thing. Even the world's best athletes have other skills besides their sport. For example, speaking in front of the cameras. Public Relations to communicate in a manner that is well received by the majority. Being a team-player. Working together with others. Negotiate and probably more.

Even though you may be the best in the world in one particular skill, doesn't mean you can ignore the others. And let's be real, you are probably not going to be the top 1% of one particular skill.

So technology is everywhere and programming is one of the foundations of it. Who builds those foundations? Software Engineers (programmers, coders). This means that the chances that you will work with a programmer is very high. How do you work with them? By understanding their language and skill.

Nobody likes to communicate about something if the other party has no knowledge about it. A basketball athlete probably doesn't want to hear ideas and feedback from somebody who never played or watched basketball in their entire life. This is the same as any other field and thus the same for programmers. Nobody wants to hear from somebody with no knowledge or experience in your profession: I'm pretty sure that is easy.

So how do you work together with a programmer to optimal way? By showing that you understand their language and basics. If I played some (semi-professional) matches in basketball, a basketball player is more likely to listen to my thoughts. The same way for programmers. If somebody has practiced their profession to a basic degree, they are more likely to listen to you.

So learning programming is indeed important. For now and the future it is an important skill. When working with technology and software engineers you should understand the basics. That is why learning the basics of programming is important. Not to practice it necessarily to a high degree, but to work in the field of technology optimally.