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War reveals everyone | Daily #248

Conflicts create strong men. Strong men create peace. Peace creates weak men. Weak men create conflicts. The cycle continues.
War reveals everyone | Daily #248
Photo by British Library / Unsplash

I find it immensely disgusting that people, celebrities, streamers, and many who DON’T have ANY knowledge comment on the Russian and Ukraine conflict. Are they really so up in their asses they can influence REAL War?

Also, social media is the worst of them all. They litteraly think they can cancel a war on the internet. Jesus Christ, I’m laughing my ass off.

I won’t comment on the conflict and potential war. I just find it disgusting that when people's lives and livelihood are at stake, clout chasers try to speak about it just to get internet points. The audience is dumber cause they actually believe ‘live reactions’ of these clout chasers are valid.

Then I also read that people think war is stupid and won’t ever participate in it just cause it is ‘political’.

These people have never experienced violence in their lives. They haven’t experienced anything similar to being pressured, attacked, starved, or being in real danger. You are telling me that once the enemies come knocking on your door, you won’t protect yourself. You are going to tell me, that you will politely tell them to leave the property, and the enemies will listen and leave you alone.

Are you living in a fairy tale?

Of course, they won’t do that. The enemies will kill you, your family, neighbors, and friends in war cause it is WAR. Yes, it shouldn’t be like this. Yes, war is disgusting and wrong. But once it is happening, you have to fight.

BUt i’M NOt FiT ENoUGh ANd CaN’T HaNDle A GUn.

Well, I’m sorry to say this, but that means you probably won’t make it. The danger will come and once it is there, you have to protect yourself. If you aren’t able to, that means game over.

Similar to many fighting forms. Many fighting styles have been originated from the need to defend yourself. If an enemy attacks, you need to know how to defend yourself. That defense is still violent, cause it is REQUIRED. If you don’t know any, it may mean the end of the line.

All these people crying about not turning up when their country calls for action to defend the country. They really believe it will be better if nobody turned up. Imagine the enemies are at the gates, and nobody is there to hold them off. That would be the easiest attack in human history. A civilization that can’t even protect themselves or worse even wants to.

Also, it's extremely disrespectful to the soldiers who have been fending off the enemies their whole lives. The guards were 24/7 at the gates protecting civilization. Then when the guards see too many enemies and need more resources from civilization. But civilization says to them: 'Nah, I'm weak and think war is stupid'.

Let that sink in.

Yes, I think war shouldn’t exist. We should get all parties together. Find solutions to resolve the conflicts and minimize civilians getting killed. Talk and resolve the issues together. That is indeed the dream.

But I know the world ain’t that place. Once the enemies are coming to the gates, you better believe I will try the best of my abilities to protect my community, my friends, and most important my family.

Conflicts create strong men. Strong men create peace. Peace creates weak men. Weak men create conflicts. The cycle continues.