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Day #56 | What drives me

That’s what drives me and keeps me alive.
Day #56 | What drives me

I recently received a question on what drives me in general.

Why do I wake up in the morning?
Why do I do what I do?
Why do I continue to work?

It’s easy for me to answer these kinds of questions.

I wrote these things down a few years ago already when I started to freelance/work full-time.

What truly drives me is the desire to help people and be useful.

That’s it.

I truly hate it when I can’t doing anything in a given situation.

Of course, I can’t solve every problem.

But those situations where I can’t do anything drives me mad.

Somebody could be in a bad situation and when I just stand there and can’t do anything I truly hate it.

It disgusts me.

That’s why continue to create things. Continue to solve people’s problems. Continue to provide content. Continue to put smiles on people’s faces.

That’s what drives me and keeps me alive.