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Weekly Update #9

Missed a weekly update, Growrilla update 1.7.0 out now, need more focus and to produce
Weekly Update #9


In this week’s indie update is that I’ve released a new feature Growrilla. In Growrilla 1.7.0, (free and paid) users can now pin items on a certain day. They just indicate that they want to focus on items to count on a certain day. Then on that day, the item will appear on the top of the list.

With this update, I immediately received a new subscriber which I’m always glad to see 😃.

I haven’t had the focus I needed though. Reflecting on Growrilla and Devleads, I don’t think I’ve found a crucial problem yet that my target audiences have. As of right now, Growrilla and Devleads are more like vitamins rather than aspirin to a headache.

I’m slowly maybe realizing now, that I’ve been doing my indie years completely wrong. Instead of knowing my target audience, I just build a product without the understanding of a real problem of my audience.

As of right now, I’m throwing darts and hope something sticks.

I will be still working on my existing apps, especially Growrilla cause I do use it everyday for my own benefits. But maybe I need to revisit my indie approach entirely.


Since my migraine, I’ve been taking it easier. There were too many responsibilities that I operated in upon reflection, and indeed I realized more what my biggest weakness is as an individual.

That is the power to say no.

I never liked letting people down, especially I know I can relieve their pressure (and pain).

I rather put myself in a disadvantageous position to relieve the pressure of others. That’s why I have a big weakness where I take too many responsibilities without considering that it would damage me.

Reading my previous blog posts throughout the last two years, I think you would have noticed this behavior as well. Sacrificing myself for others, cause I think their time is more valuable than mine.

Thoughts like: ‘damn they probably have something more important to do’, or ‘if I do this then it would be even quicker’, or ‘they can use their time more efficiently probably’ and so on exists in my head.

I have to let those go to regain more focus. I write about being consistent a lot, but yearly mental issues are not consistent. I need to be better.


I’ve taken more personal the last two weeks. That’s also why I skipped a week of my weekly update. I haven’t been doing much though, which actually sounds great.

After (9-5) work, I’ve mostly read books, listened to podcasts, and played videogames. Which means I’ve been more of a consumer than usual. It feels good to be kinda back to where I felt comfortable before all this.

Some daily work and then relaxation time.

Even though I like it, I can’t afford it though. These are my years that I need to push myself. Especially when it comes to my profession and career. I need to be a producer instead of a consumer. That’s the only way to achieve my goal. Being the best individual I can.

I’m going back to my regular schedule where I have my daily day job and hustle evenings. I’m going to try my best again.