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Weekly update #6

Imminent Devleads launch, work pressure, esports, being a failure
Weekly update #6


This week’s progress of Devleads has been great. I’ve implemented much of the feedback I’ve received from various people.

These are as followed

  • Make the information fit in one screen by adding a ‘More Info’ button.
  • A slide-over panel will be shown once the ‘More info’ button is pressed containing all the information Devleads has.
  • A button that searches for the LinkedIn profile of a potential software developer, creates a pseudo-connection with LinkedIn
  • Updated some copy on the Landing page
  • A feature to export the search results to a CSV file

There is much more feedback that I’ve received, and during the continuous development, I will try to implement them asap.

Next to this, I’ve deployed both the back-end and front-end online. The official domain that the web-application will get, is coming soon. There is still something testing that I want to do first before an official launch.

In my previous blog-post, I indicated that I may rewrite the whole application to NextJS. But honestly, it wasn’t my priority since I want to put this online asap. Rewriting, refactoring, or whatever you may want to call it is a waste of time when the product isn’t validated yet.

In terms of the tech stack, I’m currently using Google Cloud Run for the backend and Netlify for the front-end. I’ve never used them before, but reading some articles and documentation I do think that suits my needs to most. Which is low-cost for small to medium applications. In the case that Devleads does grow exponentially, I may reconsider these tools.

Here are some progress screenshots of Devleads as well.

I’m aiming to launch the product upcoming Wednesday barring from any crucial bugs that may appear.

Let’s fucking go.


My full-time job hasn’t been the best. The amount of pressure that the company currently faces is at an all-time high. Which means also most of the workers. We have been featured in many local news channels like online, paper, tv, and radio. This resulted in a lot of sales, but this does bring pressure to a startup.

Our Customer Support team has been overflowed by people who need better support of the product. Also, many bugs and improvements were discovered in the current line of products which also brings a bag to the development team.

Somedays, I wonder why I’m working this hard for a company.  But then I read the reviews that the company is getting and it warms my heart. Here is an example of such a review.

Happy customers is the sole reason I’m working in general. If it wasn’t for them, I would have been in another profession.

All in all, this week had it’s ups and downs and I’m going to try my best to prevent myself from overworking. I don’t want to make the same mistake I did last year.

Personal Life

I’ve been reading a bit more than last week and been doing more relaxation time. For example, I’ve been working out more consistently (every-day 30+ minutes) and even started doing some Yoga again. My physical health is still not the greatest, but at least I feel progress. My eating lifestyle still needs improvements though 😅.

Also, with loads of League of Legends esports playoffs matches coming up, I’ve been following it more intensely. Where others scream at the TV when watching an amazing football (soccer) score a goal, I do that when somebody makes an amazing play in a videogame. This relieves my pressure and stress greatly for some reason. 😃

I’ve been thinking about my life as well. Am I doing the right things to aim for the things I want? Am I being too lazy still? Am I a good person in general? These are probably unending questions that you can ask yourself for your whole life. In the end, you have to be the one that answers these questions yourself.

Some people can answer them for you, but they don’t follow you around 24/7 for 1, 3,5, or 10 years, so they won’t know. I believe strongly that nobody can judge your own life than yourself. But most people are not honest with themselves and are even big fat liars. They say to themselves that they are great individuals while in reality, it is just to cope with themselves.

I’ve been reading this book by David Goggins called Can’t Hurt Me. While I think he had a fcked up early life, he always stayed real. I think a lot (and I mean A LOT) of people can learn to be real with themselves more.

Not in the sense, to be crazy and endanger your life by doing impossible tasks like Goggins. But in the sense, to accept that everything can be better and that you are a failure. If everything was perfect, you would be in the top 0.0001% of men.

You are most likely not.

EVERYTHING can better. I’m not perfect. Hell, I even think I’m still a loser and a failure for the majority.

If I was perfect or successful, I would have been in the best physical shape possible. I wouldn’t have to work if I didn’t want to. I would have been capable of taking most of my family if they ever were in trouble. I would have healthy children already and are growing up. I would have a happy wife living the life she deserves.

These things aren’t true yet, so I’m still a failure. I can still learn lots of things. My career can be even better. My earnings can increase massively. I can be much healthier. I can have much more fun. I can still create a much more happy family and community.

I’m aiming to improve all of these and try to become less of a loser by winning every day as much as possible.