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Weekly Update #5

Devleads progress, iOS focussed work, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Limited personal time
Weekly Update #5


For the past week, I’ve been developing Devleads. I worked on additional filters to find developers, a subscription integration system with Stripe, a privacy policy page, terms of use page, and landing page adjustments.

Here are the following results

Landing Page
Landing Page 2
Landing Page 3
My Subscription Page
Devleads Page
Terms of Use page

This week, I’ve also been trying to get as much feedback as possible and implement if they are low-hanging fruits. I’m still trying to release it ASAP and probably by the end of this week or the Tuesday after.

The best confirmation for if a product works is if the target audience is willing to use and pay for it.

I’m may be considering one thing which should be a small re-write. As of right now, I’m using NodeJS for the web-server and React for the client-side. But I’m really contemplating using NextJS. The only thing that I need to do (I think) is to re-organize some code.

Maybe, I will create an additional page on the web-app to let people know which tech stack I’m using.

Stay tuned for the release!


This week has been great at Somnox. I’ve been mostly working on database schema updates that are preparing for new features in the future. This is mostly done with SQLite since we have no plans (yet) to use CloudKit.

Even if we need online storage, we probably use our own backend solutions and not Apple-provided ones.

The reason that I really enjoyed this week, is to cause 80% of my working time was spent solely on iOS. No random roles and responsibilities change during the day and complete focus.

This will be key in the upcoming weeks since I need it to catch with the development. I’m on my way to be back on track though.


Personally, this week was okay-ish. I’m completely focused on all things work- and side-projects-related. I don’t think I’ve taken much personal time for myself.

I haven’t read any book or chapters this week cause most of the time was spent on research development on Devleads. From Monday till Friday work-days, it was basically.

  • 08:30 - 18:00 work (with pauses of courses)
  • 19:00 - 21:00 Devleads
  • 22:00 - 00:00 Other work / Personal endavours

In the upcoming week, I do want to have time for myself more. Either by reading books, watching/listening to a podcast, or playing a video-game.

The one thing I did do was watch the new Zack Snyder Justice League. Without spoiling it too much, it was great and much better than the theatrical cut. Especially how they handled some interesting characters.

Usually, I don’t really like superhero movies that much, but I like the fact that it was different than the mainstream Marvel ones. I feel like every Marvel entertainment whether on Movies or TV-shows uses the same sauce every time which makes it extremely boring.

Don’t get me wrong, it seems to work for the mainstream audience, but personally, I don’t get excited about Marvel-related things.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League takes a different approach though by making it darker and relatable in some sense.  I would say watch it and judge it for yourself.

Overall rating this week 7/10