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Weekly Update #3

A busy week getting back into a consistent work schedule.
Weekly Update #3


So this has been my first week back into the daily working schedule. I had to pleasure of going immediately straight into fire cause there were many tasks that needed to be done with limited time.

As always, I can’t go over the details but can talk about the experience. I don’t think it is good for a new employee, in this case, to immediately get the pressure to get results fast. I’m luckily not in the literal sense a new employee.

But new workers should always have an adjustment period where they need to get adjusted to the job.

In my case luckily I didn’t need that and was even happy to get back straight into the fire. I like to stay busy for as long as possible. If there is nothing to do, I get bored and get lazy for no reason. Thus for me, it was a good week.

Of course, you don’t want to be too busy as well. The right balance can be achieved which will result in inconsistency. Similar to a daily schedule where 60% or more of the planned events are upheld.

The first week back into a full-time job was good and felt I was producing results and get feedback immediately which I missed for the past month.

There was also great news where my company Somnox was on Dragon’s Den and is on the verge of getting a big potential investment.



My indie development this week hasn’t been great. I haven’t found the time nor consistent motivation yet to work on Growrilla or the new project I was teasing. I will elaborate on the new project more when I got a prototype available. This should be in next weeks’ weekly update.

The reason is also cause I may have been working harder than I should in the first week back into a full-time job. I won’t lie that I’ve been working a bit of over-time in the first week, and thus felt the need to relax at the end of the day.

I’m going to take the necessary steps to get back on my indie development consistency (or side-projects hustles in general) of roughly 1-2 hours.

But for this week, no major announcement or progress to share for Growrilla or other projects 😥.


When it comes to fitness it has been going well. I’m more active during the day and train (or highly active) for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.  It’s been very cold in The Netherlands this week but still trained two days outside with a skipping rope and stretch bands.

Of course, a week won’t change anything major yet, but the progress will be seen in about 3-4 months.

Then when it comes to my mental health, it has been good as well. For the majority, my mental health has been good. No downs, I’m constantly moving and trying new things out so not much to complain about as of right now.

When it comes to physical or allergies, hay-fever has been killing me though 🤧. I think people just now assume I have Coronavirus.

Also, a funny anecdote. I had the possibility to get vaccinated early, due to people not showing up at a friend who is a doctor. But I didn’t want to go yet, cause I wasn’t sure if being hay-fever-ish was a good time to get the vaccine.

Probably a good choice, but still sad I can’t travel yet.

I’ve also started reading Can’t Hurt Me from David Goggins. Finished the first three chapters and have been a motivator to get shit done. I’m also excited to read Jordan Petersons New Book which should be arriving within two weeks.

Overall, I’m great since I’m training and have consistent TODOs when it comes to working.

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