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Weekly Update #10

I'm lost.
Weekly Update #10

Due to all of this, I’m a bit lost.

Should I work on another product even though it hasn’t been a year yet? Or should I even do other things like creating a more prominent brand?

I don’t know anymore. After building roughly five-six products that haven’t made the return that I wanted, I’m questioning myself if this is all worth it.

There are simpler methods to earn money currently, than trying to build SaaS products in my opinion.

For example, my crypto has been going extremely well and I better of just day-trade in it. Or I could also go into e-commerce and into dropshipping. Some of my friends for example are earning 3k-10k each month. They are even open to show the roads if I want to get in, for which I’m grateful.

But then you see me earning 1k~ extra each month with my side-projects/hustles. I’m doubting if I should continue.

I know what my biggest fault is, and that is marketing. I’m sounding like a broken clock, but I’m shit at personal branding. I’m shit at product branding. I don’t know how to write a compelling story, and I definitely don’t know how to convert users to customers well enough.

Now the question is should I focus on improving my marketing & sales skills, or focus on what I’m good at which is building products. I’m not sure yet and that’s why I’m lost and haven’t done much progress yet sadly.

Once I’ve figured out what road I’m taking, I will be writing more prominently. For now, I have to find myself again.