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Weak men are immoral | Daily #148

Weak men drag down society and put more pressure on the strong ones to save them.
Weak men are immoral | Daily #148
Photo by Wladislaw Peljuchno / Unsplash

I dislike weak men.

How do you identify them? By seeing them complain about many subjects.

Can't learn something new?
They make excuses that they aren't disciplined enough. Or complain that it is too hard. Then they go back to their comfortable routines in their comfortable environment. 'I CaN'T lEaRn SomeThinG nEw, I'M NoT dISCiplined EnouGh'. Then they also proceed to learn everything about the videogame they play or a sports team they follow.

Can't get a girl?
They make excuses that girls are hoes even though they know that they are not high-quality men. If they would rank themselves up in the hierarchy of men, they know they are below. So to get their dopamine they refer to porn.

Can't get fit or lose some weight?
They complain that it is hard, and it doesn't happen overnight. 'IF ONly I CaN LoSe aLL ThE fAT iN ONe wEEk'. 'BuT I WanT tO lOSE WeIght WITHout givING UP my MeAls.' And all the other common excuses. They are weak to understand that it takes time and effort.

Can't take care of themselves (or even family)?
They complain that the government has fcked them over and needs to save them. Meanwhile also still living in the same country with the same government. 'TheY ShOulD cHAnGe Not MeEeEe...'. Weak.

Can't socialize normally?
They act out, harass people, shout for no reason, and other things to instantly get attention. Why? Cause deep down they know they won't have the same impact when they don't do that. Thus they choose the shortcut to get an immediate reaction.

When they are confronted about their weaknesses?
They lie.

When shit gets tough?
They hide. They don't speak. They disappear. When shit gets backs to normal they appear again and make up excuses why they weren't there.

Weak men.

Don't be one of them. Put yourself on better standards to take care of yourself and your family. Don't let them pull you down to their low standards. They are low-quality men.

Don't save them as well. If you become a better man, they should be inspired and do the same. If they don't leave them behind. They will hold you back.

It is immoral to let yourself be weak. You will live an unsatisfied life and worse of all, it will have an impact on your children. Weak men drag down society and put more pressure on the strong ones to save them. Don't be one of them.

Be strong.