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We are built for creativity | Daily #247

That’s why we as a species have survived and evolved for so long.
We are built for creativity | Daily #247
Photo by Skye Studios / Unsplash

Humans are inherently built to be creative. Your previous generations were always creative. For example:

Hunting animals for food is creative in the way to catch, hunt, skin and process the animal as efficiently as possible.

Similar to farmers that were creative in the way of how to use land, plant herbs, and store the harvest.

Similar to warriors being creative on how to defend and attack against their enemies, by innovating in physical techniques, weaponry, and strategic tactics.

Similar to engineers by using new technologies for more than its intended use cases. Lamps that first lit up the streets, to houses, to factories, to cities.

Humans are inherently creative and the only reason you say are not, is cause you are a lazy bum.

I hear this sentence quite a lot.

I’m not that creative.

Well, let’s think about why you think you aren’t creative. How is that possible? There are so many genes from your ancestors that lived through thousands of years across many generations, but suddenly your ass is unimaginative?

Nah, I don’t believe that for a second. The only reason you aren’t creative is cause you are lazy. It's cause you aren't doing anything interesting. You probably do the same things as everybody else does, probably even less. You don’t have a hobby. You only consume. You don’t reflect. You don’t read. You don’t write. You don’t train. You don’t think.

You don’t do any of the stuff that makes you creative.

Why are creative people creative in the first place. Did you really artists just wake up one day and painted the most beautiful painting the world has ever seen? Or a musician that sat down and wrote the most stunning music piece out of nowhere?

No, they practice their art. Not only that, they do other things as well. They travel around, meet new people, talk to their peers, read information, write their explorations, reflect on their ideas, and many many more things. All of that combined makes them creative.

But your bum ass spends hours on social media like Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and many more only to consume and be entertained. Reflect for yourself. Did those hours spent really made you more creative, more productive in general, or more mentally healthy? If not, then take action and change for the better.

Humans are designed to be creative. That’s why we as a species have survived and evolved for so long. Rediscover those genes and unlock your hidden potential. Create and evolve.