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Day #9 | Video-gaming in moderation

Day #9 | Video-gaming in moderation

The debate on if video-gaming is a waste of time has been going on for forever.

When I was a kid I played loads of videogames. After school or helping my parents with their restaurant, I would immediately go behind the Playstation or PC. I then spend loads of hours playing videogames. I started with Counter-Strike to Warcraft 3 to World of Warcraft and last to League of Legends.

I had a great time with friends playing video games. Even met amazing people outside my neighborhood and city. Also became extremely good at some of the games.

Was it a waste of time?

even though I enjoyed it very much.

This may be a result-based analysis answer. But the time I put into video-gaming could have been put into better use. I'm pretty sure I could have found a hobby that I liked as much and that can be put into better use in real life.

Some say that there are now superstars earning loads of money playing video games. Okay, what are the chances you are going to become that? I mean you could try, but you better make damn sure you make it. Else, that is just some excuse to play games cause you are too weak to accept your responsibilities.

People also like to compare it to watching TV or Netflix as a relaxation method. Okay, but how much time do you spend on it? If you watch Entertainment for 4-5 hours a day, isn't that a waste of time as well right?

These reasons don't hold up. I mean if you truly videogame for only an hour or two a day for relaxation, great for you!

But videogames are made to be fun and addictive. The chances that you only play them for an hour a day is low.

Okay, but was it truly a waste for me? No.

I also agree that it was a relaxing time (most of them). There are some memories I never forgot in video-gaming with my friends. From exploring a video game content with a friend, learning about the lore, or doing something incredible that only a few can do in the game. I won't forget them.

All in all, I do believe that great stories and memories can come out from Video-games. You may even become really good and earn from it.

But this doesn't count for everybody and these people are exceptions. You have to assess for yourself if videogaming is indeed productive and/or act as a relaxation tool for you.

For me, it was waste of time for the majority.

Now, I will still video-game from time to time, but in moderation. There are just more important things I need to focus on with the majority of my time.