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Vanity Metrics | Daily #159

One quality experience is worth more than thousands of average ones.
Vanity Metrics | Daily #159
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We all know a friend or acquaintance that do this. They brag about how many times they've done something specific. In all honesty, I'm unconsciously doing the same sometimes. These are some examples:

  • I've made x amount of software products
  • I've read x amount of books this year
  • I've had x amount of partners
  • I've played x amount of videogames
  • I've practice x amount of sports
  • I've met x amount of people

I probably said these similar things as well, but in all honesty, they are vanity metrics for the most part. Yes, you probably have learned and experienced the many times you've done certain things. But did you make the most out of it?

I certainly never did.

From the many software products I've to build, I'm sure I could have done more at a single one.
From the many books I read, I can't remember half of them. I even like to reread a single book multiple times.

One good trade makes can make tons more than the numerous average trades.
One good friend can make you happier than ten average friends.
One good partner can make your life more fulfilled than ever.
One good book at the right time can change your life.

Once you do things just for the sake of increasing a count, it becomes a vanity metric. One quality experience is worth more than thousands of average ones.