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Traveling impacts your sleep | Daily #195

You don’t want to daze off when exploring during the day.
Traveling impacts your sleep | Daily #195
Photo by Alexander Possingham / Unsplash

I’ve been traveling the last few days and will be going to additional cities. The one thing that has severely impacted my health is my sleep quality.

Usually, you have to get used to a new place and bed when sleeping at another location. This takes around 4-7 days for most. During this time, your sleep won’t be as deep as usual which means even though you slept 8 hours it is still not enough.

This happened to me. I slept for 8 hours but still was already tired when the evening came. I kept blinking and squinting my eyes. I had to drink lots of water as well to keep myself hydrated and awake. All so troublesome to keep my energy up.

Of course, being in a new environment also creates a placebo energy effect cause you want to explore the place. But don’t mistake that for natural energy. You need high-quality sleep every day or you won’t be focused and active as you should.

When traveling this is the most annoying thing and also usually worsened by timezone difference that causes jetlag.

Still, when you are traveling take an additional hour for sleep. Keep your room as dark as possible. Manipulate the climate of your room/bed to be comfortable. Wear the most comfortable clothes. Basically, keep your quality of sleep high cause you don’t want to daze off when exploring during the day.