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Travel plans disrupted, getting tired of the pandemic | Daily #177

Everybody is getting crazy and there doesn’t seem like there is an end to it.
Travel plans disrupted, getting tired of the pandemic | Daily #177
Photo by Ross Parmly / Unsplash

I hate all these travel restrictions around the world.

I’ve been fucked by sudden travel restrictions changes of my destination for the second time this year. Due to this, I’ve had to cancel, change plans and even lose money due to it.

While I haven’t written this on my blog last year, cause I didn’t want to write about COVID, I basically predicted how it went. Some countries will open again cause they realize that it is just the flu. But the majority want to ‘control’ it, by basically using (soft-)lockdown protocols, travel bans/restrictions, and vaccine mandates.

Now, we are back where we were again similar to last year. Countries after the summer go to the same protocols again, everybody is disincentivized to travel, and we realize that the vaccine isn’t all that powerful.

Countries like Hong Kong already went back to 3-weeks quarantine rules and don’t care if you are vaccinated are not. Why do they do that? Do they not believe in the ‘SCiEncE’? No, it is because they understand it doesn’t work. There are still many countries that require quarantine regardless of vaccination status because deep down they know the truth.

I’ve lost lots of money due to these sudden travel restrictions changes, and for another year and the next probably can’t visit my family in Hong Kong. Yeah, and insurance won’t cover it, because you haven’t traveled yet so I can go fuck myself.

All these corona certificates, segregation of unvaccinated and vaccinated, travel bans, quarantine (prison) requirements, PCR-tests, proof of not having a disease, politics, reservation systems, are making this world a dystopia.

All because nobody can accept that COVID is here to stay until a REAL vaccine comes along.

The dumbest thing I’ve read in the past year was about the vaccine. Basically, somebody got the vaccine, but still got COVID19 and got really sick. Then the person basically said to still get the vaccine and everybody is praising and liking him.

Is humanity now that stupid? So, in this case, the vaccine didn’t prevent COVID19 and it never did prevent transmission. Why the fuck is this person recommending to still get it?

It’s like ‘yeah I got a new car, but it doesn’t start. Still, I recommend everybody to get this car’.  What the fuck are you even talking about. Where is the logic in all this?

But we know why they do it. They get internet points for saying the accepted status quo. Their like count goes up, their follower count goes up, they get impressions and people are siding with you. Why wouldn’t you want that? I mean why would you want to be disliked on the ‘IntERNEt’? Cause they got no skin in the game. They always want to be on the right side, even though it can be the opposite of the truth.

Fuck this unnecessary pandemic. Everybody is getting crazy and there doesn’t seem like there is an end to it. I truly hope that we recover from this as soon as possible.