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TikTok is the future | Daily #218

Better make use and exploit it, or never touch it.
TikTok is the future | Daily #218
Photo by Solen Feyissa / Unsplash

Both positive and negative social media is here to stay. For a long time. I thought Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were addictive. You haven’t seen TikTok yet.

From anecdotal experiences and advertising/engagement numbers, TikTok is crazy. Double as addictive and in some sense more valuable as well. It’s so addictive that Instagram immediately builds a replicate of reels, which usually contain the same video that is on TikTok.

Whether you like it or not, the trend is that TikTok or a similar solution like Instagram reel is the future of social media. The smart ones will ride this wave and advertise on the platform, build a following, or simply become an influencer.

What do I think of this? Not that happy about it honestly. TikTok is owned by a Chinese company which means your data is abused in all ways we don’t even know. So much engagement with these video-based content also means an increase in social media addiction. We all deep down know that social media can cause depression for the weak and being exposed to more of it, isn’t good.

But whatever you may think of TikTok, it is here to stay. It has become cultural which means it won’t go away unless a better solution comes. Better make use and exploit it, or never touch it.