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The launch of Somnox 2 | Daily #202

This means a Somnox could also be part of that investment in your sleep.
The launch of Somnox 2 | Daily #202

Today was a big day for a company I’m working with. Somnox has released their second generation of their Somnox Sleep Robots and I know that a lot of effort was put into it.

Loads of people already asked me before it the device actually works. Can it really solve my sleep problems?.

With the first generation, I was always careful in answering this question. While it did wonders to some, it also didn’t help others at all. Sleep problems differ a lot and even more, hasn’t been figured out yet.

What I can say is that it does help with falling asleep. Sleep is too important. And more important than people realize. The benefits of waking up with energy, motivation, happiness, and more all come from a good night’s rest is. There is nothing that can replace it.

Thus I truly think you should invest in better equipment to sleep. It doesn’t even need to be electronics technology. It can be a better pillow, blanket, or mattress. Or even an airco to cool the room, curtains to it darker or a heater it comfortable.  All these are purchases and ideas to improve your overall sleep.

This means a Somnox could also be part of that investment in your sleep. A device that can help you regulate your breathing and reduce your stress levels and make you fall asleep.

With Somnox 1, I felt that the quality wasn’t high enough yet. As I said, it did help many people. But the overall quality wasn’t up to my standards in my eyes. Which made me feel a bit reluctant to recommend it to people. Especially to people that don’t have a crucial sleeping disorder.

But with the Somnox 2, I truly think that Somnox has hit the mark of exceptional quality while maintaining the core goal of the Somnox device. It feels soft, comfortable, lightweight like it should. The breathing feels more natural and the sound quality got a significant improvement. Overall, the Somnox 2 is an amazing product in my eyes. (Even though, I work with and am biased.)

Thus today, the Somnox 2 launched and was in my eyes a success. There were no crucial crashes for the mobile launch and the sales for Somnox 2 have been going crazy today. I hope that this continues and when the Somnox 2 arrives at people’s doorstep they will get surprised at how good the product actually is.

I’m glad that I can be a part of Somnox's journey and keep contributing to their beautiful goals.