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The best exercise set | Daily #173

When I did my last set of that exercise, I knew I got stronger.
The best exercise set | Daily #173
Photo by Risen Wang / Unsplash

Usually, I go four times to the gym minimal. I choose between a cardio or strength training day.
A cardio day is usually cardio exercises like running, elliptical, jumping rope, cycling (rarely), and stair steppers. On these days, I just try to sweat as much as possible.

But the strength training days are the most satisfying for me. There is just this feeling when you find that line between injury and comfort. Everybody has an amount of weight that they can always do no matter how tired they are. But then they try to surpass it by adding a bit extra and train with those for a while. Then after a while, they don't struggle anymore with the extra added weights and realize that they got stronger.

That moment is one of the best feelings in the world and today I had that.

I struggled a bit with the added weights for around one or two months ago, trained two times a week for that specific exercise, and now it feels almost like a breeze. When I did my last set of that exercise, I knew I got stronger than myself a month ago. I evolved.

I'm not back to my original strength and fitness yet, but I'm progressing and that's all I want to know.