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The bag vs values | Daily #215

Were those the right decisions?
The bag vs values | Daily #215
Photo by Alexander Schimmeck / Unsplash

I’ve been leaning more towards getting the bag than usual. I pride myself on having a set of values that I truly uphold every day. Don’t work with grifters. Don’t do things that you wouldn’t like to be done to. Always be ethical from your own perspective. And more.

But reflecting upon it, I’ve put myself in numerous positions where I didn’t get the bag. From highly paid freelance work to highly paid job offers to profitable projects that I could have done and made even more money than I do now.

Were those the right decisions?

Shouldn’t have I just sucked it up and betrayed myself for a few years to get the bag?


Sometimes I do regret not chasing the opportunities that were extremely profitable. I had the network and mentors to guide me into those projects. On the other hand, I’m also grateful I didn’t sell my values and be shameful in the future about it.

But who am I now? An unsuccessful entrepreneur (yet), working too many hours, not a millionaire (yet), and for what? Just to keep my values as a human being?

Maybe further in the future when I reflect I will be glad that I have my values where there is no dirty past. But maybe a dirty time is needed to achieve my goals.

Maybe I should go/have gone for the bag.