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Talent is rare | Day #88

Most people don’t understand that real talent is rare.
Talent is rare | Day #88

Most people don’t understand that real talent is rare.

I’m not talking about people that work hard and/or smart.

I’m not talking about people who lucked out and found the right environment to thrive in.

I’m talking about people who are truly talented.

You may already know one or two in your life.  You know that the person is going to be exceptional or already is. You talk or see them for an hour and something just clicks on you and think ‘This person is going places’.

Why do you think that? Cause you can identify truly exceptional people.

This is very relatable in sports. You don’t have to follow the sport extensively for example Basketball to see that Lebron James, Kobe Bryan, and Micheal Jordan are on a whole other level compared to the league in their time.

You also know that they were destined to achieve many great things eventually.  Their dedication, skill, and mind works are different than everybody else.

That’s because they possess real talent.

Don’t expect normal people to reach the same heights as they did. Hard-working people without talent won’t reach the same heights.

Mainly cause you can’t train someone to be talented.

If you come to me and tell me that I can be the next Elon Musk if I work as hard and be interested in all the things he’s in, I would say no.

That’s because I don’t have a natural affinity to most of the topics that Elon is interested in. Which means that I can’t learn and work as hard as he does.

You can’t train the next Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Lionel Messi, Faker, S1mple, or whoever you respect. Why? Cause they are naturally talented and have an affinity for their skill and work.

The only people who can match these talented people are the same talented people.

If you ever identify a person in your environment, befriend them. Not to exploit them, but to see their trajectory.

We also know examples, where talented people went completely the wrong way. The saying here is ‘Wasted talent’. You feel sorry for the person cause you knew they were destined to make something out of it.

The opposite is also true. I think one of the best things in life is seeing a good friend utilize their talent to a high capacity and reach heights that you couldn’t have realized.

Understand that talent is extremely rare and that they should be respected.