Taking time off is important. It resets your mind and work completely. Similar to when you take a walk after you were stuck with a problem.

The time off makes you well rested and reinforces yourself for another period.

Humans are not meant to work all the time, machines do.

Taking time off also is a test. To test if your vocation. For software engineers, if they take a week or more time away from programming, they should feel the desire to program again after.

If you do, it means you like your work and occupation.

If you don’t, you need to find something else to do.

So taking time off not only makes you rested but also tests your vocation.

Due to COVID19, I haven't taken much time off. Cause of that I do notice the drop in my overall performance since I haven't rested in a while.

Thus I will be taking a week off from working for Somnox.

During this time I am still writing daily but will be software engineering less.