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Taking a break from Daily Updates | Daily #224

Taking a break from the Daily series until next year!
Taking a break from Daily Updates | Daily #224
Photo by Na visky / Unsplash

I’m going to take a break from the daily articles about my thoughts and life till next year. December for me is going to be about recharging and planning the next year. Thus will take it easier when it comes to my writing.

There will be still articles this month, mainly the yearly reviews about my wealth, personal life, career, health, and a preview to 2022. The majority of this will be behind the paywall again.

If I learn something new or think need to write about some specific knowledge, I will do that as well. Similar to my last article about setting up GitHub actions with Fastlane.

As of last, I’m going to try to develop a micro-SaaS as well around the Christmas weeks. If that’s going to be something, I may write something about that as well.

Till then, you will see this series back next year in 2022.