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Stupid woke games in esports | Daily #234

I understand that the world when talking about globally is incredibly complex.
Stupid woke games in esports | Daily #234
Photo by Abdulrhman Alkhnaifer / Unsplash

There has been big news in the industry that I follow quite often which is competitive gaming or esports. The news is that MTG’s ESL has been sold to Savy Gaming Group which is funded by the Saudi Arabian government.

Now, I’m not the person who wants to bring up human- and equal rights across the globe. I’ve never played those games and probably never will unless I become a billionaire or something.

But we all know gamers or people who are interested in those political discussions do. They like to virtue signal about how woke they are and criticize other companies who do so.

Similar to Activision Blizzard promoting LGBT in their broadcast but censoring it in Korea and China. Or Riot Games employees condemn other companies for inequality but do it themselves. Or many gaming companies being owned by Tencent that directly gives money to the CCP who we all know has modern concentration camps.

You can find these people easily on Twitter and Reddit, especially if you search about the NEOM Deal and Riot Games LEC.

But the same people who criticized and virtue signal about how ‘woke’ they are, are now silent. Why? Because it’s about their paper. They know once they talk about this issue they may not work in the industry again cause ESL owns a big chunk of the calendar across many competitive videogames.

Now they look extremely stupid and even try to make it like ‘it’s complex, or ‘the done deal is done can’t do anything about it.

Literally no skin in the game. They talk a big game until they can lose something mainly their job and paper. Sounds like a general 90s video-gamer kid who thought they could beat anyone until they really had to fight. The videogamer(s) who sits in a room all day, and talk about how to world should operate. The videogamer(s) who stays anonymous but try to be a strong voice in the world.

When it’s their chance to prove what they are made of, they stray away cause they are cowards acting like heroes.

I never play those games. I have ethics and principles that I abide by as much as possible. But have never put those standards onto other people (besides being competent at your work).

I have created money by using tech companies that violate many privacy rules across the globe. I’ve made money in the stock market from companies that are funded and owned by China. I’ve made money in the crypto market in coins that are considered scams by many.

Do I talk about how woke I am and that I would never work for a company that does something that some consider evil or owned by an evil entity?


Cause I still have to put food on the table. I understand that the world when talking about globally is incredibly complex. I understand that the farmer back in the middle ages put food on the table for soldiers to gain strength to kill other soldiers and even civilians.

The world is incredibly complex and all this virtue-signaling about how woke you are isn’t helping anyone or putting yourself in an advantageous stage. Especially on social media where everybody is trying to look for a flaw.

All these stupid woke games are just one thing: stupid.

The Savy Gaming Group bought the ESL (&FACEIT) for approximately 1.5 billion. Don’t try to gaslight that if you owned the company that you wouldn’t do it. Not because money rules the world, but because of the many families it will feed and the rewards of 20 years of hard work.

This always going to happen.