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Stop celebrating incompetence | Daily #213

Stop celebrating incompetence | Daily #213
Photo by S Migaj / Unsplash

I dislike very much people celebrating their incompetence. Yes, there is imposter syndrome and also gatekeeping in many industries. Software engineering is one of them. But incompetence is pure incompetence. There is no celebration, or looking at the positive things bullshit.

You couldn’t do your job/work, feel bad about it and improve on it later.

However, nowadays there are people who post their failures on social media. For example, ‘Failed 32 job offers, hope I get one, ‘I have no idea what I’m doing and am Googling everything’, and ’I’ve failed to do x’ .

Why can’t you just STFU.

What happened to battleing your inner demons alone without the need of some randoms saying cliché stuff like ‘neXt TImE YoU wILL SuCCeeD’, ‘DoN’t WorRY It WiLL Get BETter’ or the worst of all of them ‘I Can rELaTE, I’Ve eXperienceD ThAT TOO’.

Are you really that fragile of a human being that every incompetent aspect you have needs somebody to cheer for you? What happened to self-respect. What happened to being competent in the first place.

How could you fail that many times and not improve or at least make progress? How can you have no idea what you are doing when you are practicing the domain.

‘BuT IT’s haRD anD I NeEd EXtERnaL MOtivAtiOn’


Become competent. If you don’t like the domain then change it.

I will rarely cry about it things, I maybe will complain, but NEVER cry about it. I take action and never want to be incompetent at the things I do. Forget even virtue signaling about being competent. Those are just weak individuals.

Become competent, then celebrate about becoming competent.

Not the other way around.