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Stockholm and CSGO Major | Daily #204

It is one of the best international cities I’ve been to and I definitely will come back.
Stockholm and CSGO Major | Daily #204

I haven’t been writing for the last few days cause I was abroad. Specifically, I was in Stockholm and really enjoyed the city.

I was there to do two things mainly:

  • Experience a new city (Stockholm)
  • Experience  the CSGO Major (basically world championship)

How was Stockholm?
Incredible. I may be one of the few that actually like the cold weather. The food is great. The city has nature. The city has aesthetics from the modern to Middle Ages. Transport is easy with trains, metros, and rentable scooters. The people are generally nice and all of them have such an elegant fashion style compared to the Netherlands.

It is one of the best international cities I’ve been to and I definitely will come back.

How was the CSGO Major?
I went to my second CSGO Major. My first one was in London back in 2018. That experience was subpar. The matches were boring, The teams were not playing well. The crowd was boring (due to the boring matches). The venue was not special at all and London isn’t my favorite city. Basically, the CSGO Major in London back in 2018 wasn’t that great

But this one? The CSGO Major 2021 in Stockholm by PGL? It was one of the best experiences I ever had. I went to the semis and finals and oh man was the game good. Especially the finals. The crowd had a favorite (NaVi) but were also cheering for G2 (the finalists). Everybody was there to just enjoy great Counter-Strike. The arena/venue was one of the best I’ve ever been to as well.

Definitely want to maybe go to another major at another time.

Traveling solo?
I was traveling solo as well and I really liked it. Being alone for a while is such a blessing. You can do whatever you want without taking anybody else’s desires. You can eat when you want, travel when you want, work when you want, talk to anybody you want, and nobody knows you. Basically being detached from your normal daily life for a while.

But in the end, you have to be a man again and face your existing challenges. Take on your responsibilities again and build a better future slowly. Am I rejuvenated? Not really. I slept terribly again due to the travel and need to catch up. Did I gain new experiences?

Yes and that’s definitely worth it.