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Day #2 | Start free, earn later

Day #2 | Start free, earn later

Want to start with a new path? Maybe in software development, UI design, UX research, sales, marketing, or whatever?

There is only one way to get good at it:
get experience and learn from the ones before you.

There are no hacks. That's it

I see so many people talk about that they may create something amazing at the first try and want to get money from it.

Let's be real here.

The chances that you create something amazing at the first try is low. You don't fall and land on big fat paycheck randomly. You have to get up and try again many times. By trying again, again, and again, you create valuable things for others.

But how do you do that then?

Get your own experience and learn from others.

How do you get that experience? By doing the work and working for people that already have the experience.

Don't try to re-invent the wheel as they say. You should always observe and learn from people with experience. Don't let your ego or arrogance ignore the fact that they have gems. Accelerate your learning curve by learning from them and get in their circle.

But of course, who wants you? You have zero knowledge or experience in the field. Why would they want you in your circle? Show them that you are truly interested and want to grow. Work for free, bring coffee, take pay-cuts, or any option available just to get in there. Show that you are willing to sacrifice just to truly show that you are interested and motivated.

The person or team there has the knowledge and the experience of a whole library that you want, and the first thing you complain about is that you don't get the money?

Get out of my sight.

Whatever you do, get into learning positions, learn from the best, and get experience. Only then do you prosper and proceed to create great things. Don't worry about money. Knowledge and experience are the only long-term currencies in your life.