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Soldier Mentality | Daily #231

You point, I shoot.
Soldier Mentality | Daily #231
Photo by Anastase Maragos / Unsplash

I’m far from a military soldier. I respect everyone that fought for their country or beliefs. Even if the countries are corrupt or have beliefs that some consider dangerous. But I always admire the people who put their lives on the line hoping for a better future for their loved ones.

I want to focus on the part where they listen, act, and shoot their targets without questions. A soldier usually never questions their general (or leader). The general points usually point to where to shoot, and the soldier needs to be capable enough to hit the target consistently and at a high success rate.

The soldier travels to the location without question. Whether it is cold, warm, rainy, forest, desert, or any environment, the soldier goes there and shoots their target. Sometimes even without equipment.

Didn’t hit the target? Mission failed. Hit the target? Mission succeeded. No questions asked.

Currently, I truly believe that many don’t have a soldier mentality. Many don’t fully trust their leaders and generals. They gossip around, thinking they would have made better decisions, or thinking their upper management are a bunch of wankers. They ask too many questions to their managers and sometimes just to try to catch them off guard.

Don’t believe me? Just try to notice it around your workplace. Colleagues (or yourself) thinking they could do better. They have these thoughts in their head. ‘Why are we taking this decision?’. ‘Why don’t we focus on this first?’. ‘Why is there not enough funding?’.

All these questions are usually based on upper management making decisions that the person doesn’t agree with. But let me ask you a question first. Why are these thoughts there in the first place?

Didn’t you join the company believing in your managers? If you think you can do it better, why don’t you take over the position? I mean if you truly are that better, making better decisions will always have consequences of better results. Better results also mean better compensation.

So why don’t you become the general? ‘BeCauSE I dON’t WanT do ThAT.’

Well then shut up and let general point and you keep shooting the target.

There are too many questioning their generals instead of focussing on shooting their targets. They have too many egos that are purely based on thoughts that never result in true actions.

Be a true soldier first. Be the soldier that has an 80%+ success rate in all the given missions. Don’t be the soldier that doesn’t shoot and fail 80% of their missions, and then also questions the general.

Of course, sometimes they are garbage generals that point to the wrong targets. Sometimes that even result in catastrophic failures. But even if the target is wrong, at least you can say that you completed your task without failure. You and they can't say you didn't complete your task. You did your job and shot the target.

Whether the result was positive or negative, you did your job. You shot the target. Reflect after the fact.

Say: General, you point and I shoot and I will hit as many targets as I can. You are the general and I'm the soldier.