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Day #11 | Software Builder or Writer?

Day #11 | Software Builder or Writer?

My role has changed quite a lot since I started working for Somnox. From a sole software builder to a lead for projects and teams.

I noticed one impactful change in these transitions. This was that my software development time became less and less.

In the beginning, I didn't mind much. Several hours away from programming is beneficial since I didn't want to be one-dimensional. Also, it sometimes gets boring when you only do one specific job.

However, as more responsibilities came up with being a team lead my development time reduced. One of the biggest change was that I was writing more and more specifications for the software instead of building it.

Now, I'm not sure what I am. Am I a software builder or someone who writes the specifications of it?

I don't mind either, to be honest. I see value from both roles, especially for startups. With better specifications, the company and colleagues understand what is being built and what the goal is. With writing software, you create the actual product itself. Both equally important.

But do I want to remember as the software 'writer' instead of the 'builder'?

I'm sure that I can write at any age in the future, but coding? Probably not. I'm sure in ten to fifteen years, younger people with more recent knowledge are going to be better coders than me.

Thus I still want to contribute and build as many software products in the upcoming years. I'm going to keep being a builder.