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Skills and knowledge I lack | Day #83

But there are many that I also lack. I know that I need to work on them eventually.
Skills and knowledge I lack | Day #83

I’m confident in the skills I have.

If you ask me to build a mobile or web application, I’m confident that I can build anything given enough time.

But there are many that I also lack.

I know that I need to work on them eventually.

Here is a list with a ranking of how important I think they are for me to learn:

Online Sales and Marketing

Without selling and marketing, you can’t reach your (potential) customers. Having a good product is a benefit, but with marketing, you can sell even less impressive products. You can’t do the other way around without luck.

Writing [WIP]
Speaks for itself. I started this blog to improve my writing and thinking.

Graphic Design UI/UX

I tweeted somewhere that I probably would have ended being a designer if I wasn’t a software engineer. Even that is the case, I’m not confident enough currently to design a mobile or website completely from the ground up. When it comes to building it in code I am, but the design is an important aspect.

If I gain more knowledge in this field, I may be even better in front-end web development and mobile development.

Machine Learning (or even AI)

Machine Learning is everywhere but most of us don’t notice it. Machine Learning is interesting cause it can have so many benefits. I’m still amazed that technologies in for example health like an Apple Watch can detect irregularities based on an ML Model.

I really think it could be applied to other things to make the world a better place.

Software Security

Honestly, I have a lack of knowledge of software security. They aren’t many topics in this that I can converse in. I mean I some of the rules/laws like preventing Injections, no plain text, optimized access control, configs, and more.

Even though I’m a software engineer and follow the rules, I’m sometimes am dumbfound how little I know about it. Maybe that is not necessarily a bad thing since I don’t need to know all the things I use. But I understand the importance.