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Day #43 | Semi-finals LoL Worlds thoughts

Tomorrow the semi-finals of worlds are starting. G2 vs DWG and TES vs SUN.
Day #43 | Semi-finals LoL Worlds thoughts

Tomorrow the semi-finals of worlds are starting.
G2 vs DWG and TES vs SUN.

First of all, in the quarter-finals, I predicted G2, DWG, TES, and JDG to get out. Three out of four are correct. The only wrong one is SUN winning against JDG.

Overall, I think the only good series was TES vs FNC. I thought after game two that FNC could do it. But JackeyLove woke up and got back to his normal form after the first two games. Also, Yuyanjia stopped inting his mind out.

I do want to praise the bottom lane of FNC. I think Rekkles and Hyllisang played their hearts out and should be proud of their performance. I never expected Rekkles to be good and still improving after such a long career. Even in this loss, I think this is Rekkles’s best performance in a BO5 ever.

The other quarterfinals were pretty bad. The losses from DRX and GEN.G, I think they lost after the first game already. They didn’t look like teams that wanted to play their hearts out on the world’s stage. They gave up after the first game or even before the game started.

Regarding SUN vs JDG it was an okay series, but don’t think insane performances out of the players or teams.

For MVP of the quarterfinals, I will give it Caps cause he was smurfing against GEN.G and is looking like the best mid-lane in the tournament.

So my predictions for the semi-finals.

I predict G2 to win vs DWG but purely based on gut feeling.

When analyzing the game, I think DWG is the better team. They have strong laners and thus a strong early game. For G2 their weakness has been their early game. When that is your weakness against DWG, it is dangerous cause they are the best team at utilizing a lead.

Even though G2 had better levels ones against GEN.G. I don’t think that counts since as I said GEN.G pretty much gave up.

But the same could be said for DWG. In their series against DRX especially in game one, DRX didn’t try anything to come back into the game. This is something G2 is extremely good at in being pro-active and finding opportunities to come back even though they are behind.

If I think with my brain though I would predict DWG to win.

But, I’m predicting this series based on gut feeling for G2 with a score-line of 3-2.

On TES vs SUN, I think JDG dropped the ball against SUN. TES looked shaky versus FNC but don’t think that will happen again. I predict TES 3-0 similar in the LPL Summer Playoffs in the same matchup. I don’t think JackeyLove will let their enemy bot laners win against him again.

These are my predictions and thoughts about the semi-finals of worlds.

Happy watching all!