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Rest Days | Day #101

But the duty for me to work is high.
Rest Days | Day #101

Today is a Sunday. For most, this is intended a rest day.
For me, I try to rest as well.

But the duty for me to work is high.

I’ve got many ideas and projects that I’m working on. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with it even though it is out of my own choice and desires.

To be the best I can be.

But rest I do think rest is needed whoever you are. The majority of the people aren’t like Elon Musk or similar figures who can put out many hours consistently and sustainably.

Thus it is wrong to expect the same with others.

Another great news for Growrilla is that I have my first-lifetime customer for Growrilla. 😱🎉

I didn’t expect it to be so soon that somebody purchased the lifetime purchase. I was extremely happy with this news 😄.

Thus, I worked on a new update that allows for custom sorting as put in my yesterday’s blog. I’ve pushed to update to App Store and am waiting for approval.

Today, I’ve also been featured on iDownloadblog: 🎉

Further, I’ve received a tweet about a bug that my Think Drop randomly deleted all thoughts. I’ve explained that a setting may be on, but hopefully, it is resolved.


Since I’m basically now a SwiftUI developer, I may be rewriting Think Drop to SwiftUI and re-release it as a 2.0.