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Rereading books | Daily #258

Rereading books | Daily #258
Photo by Tom Hermans / Unsplash

I don’t believe that many people can read something and immediately understand the meaning behind it. Usually, you have to reread it again and again or even better practice the knowledge. I’m that person.

I’m not a superhuman or have a photographic memory thus I prefer to reread things. Not to the point where I’m reading the same over and over again, but in intervals. If I finish a book and I liked it, I’m pretty confident that I will read it again after some time. Whether it’s in 3 months, or 6 or 12, I will come back to it.

Once I’m rereading it again, I understand the material better. I usually discover new things, even though I did read the material a time before. But that’s because I don’t absorb and understand things in one go.

I need time. I need reps. I need practice. I need understanding.

Now, I’m re-reading books again. From one of my favorite books  12 rules for life to new business books like zero to one to code documentation.

Rereading things makes me understand the knowledge and the writer better.

I don’t like starting new books, just for the sake of reading something new. I would rather read the same favorite books over and over again, cause every time I discover something new in the material or myself.