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Quitting a project | Daily #214

Sometimes you just have to say 'No'.
Quitting a project | Daily #214
Photo by Romain V / Unsplash

In a previous daily blog post, I’ve said that I was working on a new (unannounced) project with a few partners. We did loads of research even contacted our target audience(s) and had interesting findings.

But we are going to shelve the project and look for something else.


The founder-product-market fit wasn’t there. The target audience that we found, wasn’t an audience that we collectively enjoyed serving. This limited our motivation. We couldn’t wake up every day and get excited to serve those customers.

This meant that there was a high chance that we are most likely going to half-ass the product. Which we collectively don’t want. A shitty product won’t solve good problems. Also, it would make us look like grifters.

We spend around 6-8 weeks researching and prototyping and honestly, I’m glad we quit early. Usually, it takes around one or two months to truly find out if you are passionate about your work.

For me, it wasn’t the target audience that I wanted to serve as well. Although I truly liked the concept that we were going for… other creators are probably more suited for the concept than me.

I would just half-ass it eventually which I don’t like.

Sometimes you just have to say 'No'.

Now, my partners and I are going to back to the basement and try to find the audience that we collectively want to help, find a problem, and create a profitable solution for them.