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Paving the next chapter

I’m slowly getting back to my productivity levels.
Paving the next chapter

I’ve been applying for some companies that may be my next career-home. Currently, I’m in talks with two companies that I’m interested in. If those two both won’t work out, I will be searching further.

At the beginning of this year, I made a tweet that I was looking for a job opportunity. There were many recommendations and if the current companies I’m in talks with aren’t working out, there are many other great ones as well.

I will blog about my career progression on where I may end up here.

Further, I started back the development on Growrilla. Currently, I’m working on daily, weekly, and yearly reports on all your counts. Within this week, I will share a preview of how this could look like. I’m still working on the behind-the-scenes business logic thus no specific views yet.

But I’m glad that I’m slowly getting back to my productivity levels.