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Day #45 | One week holiday review

This is a learner and won’t make the same mistake again.
Day #45 | One week holiday review

For the last seven days, I had a holiday week from my main job (software lead and iOS Dev at Somnox).

It was a nice week. Celebrated a good friend’s birthday. Played some video games. Spend extra time with my girlfriend. Read a random book. Watched a Netflix TV-show and esports.

Overall a good week.

Usually, in times where there is no pandemic, I take a long holiday for 3-4 weeks where I travel around in Asia.

Due to COVID19 that is not possible or recommended thus, I decided to take a small week off this time.

But I don’t feel well-rested at all.

I didn’t feel like I was disconnected at all. I still thought about some upcoming work and even answered some (urgent) messages along the way.

This may be because I’m still in the same country as my work, so feel a bit more inclined to be connected with my main job. Also, not the best when a home is also a workplace due to COVID19.

Next time, however, I won’t take only a week off but more to be more disconnected. I think that one week is not enough to disconnect and rest.

This is a learner and won’t make the same mistake again.