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Not disciplined enough | Daily #169

He keeps running and running and it doesn't matter what day it is,
Not disciplined enough | Daily #169
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Work every day on the same thing for a year. Doesn't matter how long. Whether it is 10 minutes of meditation, 30- minutes walk, one hour on a project, 15 minutes of writing, it will transform yourself.

I strongly believe that I'm still not disciplined enough. I write every day, go to the gym four times a week, work on side-projects every day, and probably do other things, but I still lack true discipline.

Every day I write about different topics from product engineering to philosophy. Not one topic consistently.

Also going to the gym, I randomly choose between weight-lifting or cardio. Not one consistent goal which I should cause I need to choose between building strength or improving stamina. I'm doing both a bit.

On side projects, I'm also not disciplined enough. One time I'm working on Growrilla, the other on Thinkdrop 2, the other on still yet to be revealed (or not) projects, or sometimes even freelance projects. I'm not disciplined enough.

I lack discipline. I can't do one thing for a prolonged time. But I should and see which destination I can reach.

Like David Goggins, for the majority right now, he keeps running and running. Doesn't matter what day it is, if his unmotivated, if his legs hurt, he just keeps running and running.

I need to improve my discipline.