I recently bought a Nintendo Switch game called Ring Fit adventures.

It is a game where you train at home with the Nintendo Switch and some additional equipment provided by the game.

You strap one of the Nintendo Switch controllers around your left leg and the other one on the Nintendo Ring. By doing that it can track your leg movements and arms.

I got to say that it has been very fun.

Lately, it has become harder and harder to reserve a spot at the gym to train due to COVID19. I bought extra home equipment to train like a kettlebell, but it doesn’t feel the same when I’m at the gym. And also less fun cause my room isn’t mean to train.

So I bought the Ring Fit game of Nintendo. I discovered this game by a friend who randomly brought it to a gathering and was intrigued by it.

We were then randomly competing against each other for a bit which was fun.

You can do many exercises without the need for moving from one location. Some of these are jogging, resistance, and body weight.

The game also has a story mode (adventures), but honestly is a bit too cringe for me. I just the free training programs and they are nice. You can even create your own ones but haven’t done that yet.

It is not as intensive as my gym sessions, but it is better than nothing. Especially when you can’t go to the gym often anymore.

I would say in general a good purchase even though a bit expensive ($80~)