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New Technology needs to time grow organically | Day #92

You can not force society to use new technology even though it may be better than the others.
New Technology needs to time grow organically | Day #92

Early technology usually needs to adapt to the market and grow organically. You can at most accelerate it but can't force it.

The majority of the new technologies don’t change the world immediately. There are many examples.

The first iPhone needed adaptation. Everybody thought about why they would want a phone with a touchscreen. Or why they wanted music on their phone when they had an mp3-player. Now everybody has a smartphone.

The first computer needed adaption. Before that many people thought they could just write it in their notebook or on paper. Now everybody uses a computer.

The first social media channel needed adaptation. ICQ for example was at the beginning only used by ‘geeks’. Now social media is also used by everyone.

The first video game needed adaptation. The ping pong game was basically played by only a few people. Now everybody plays video games whether it is Fall Guys, Call of Duty, Cyberpunk 2077, League of Legends, or anything else.

There are many examples more.

Every new (and good) technology needs to be adapted and grow organically. Society can’t just randomly use something new. If smartphone technology would receive the next evolution, not everybody would be onboard.

This is because they haven’t adapted yet and seen the benefits out of it. I can’t just for example tell you to use a MacBook instead of a windows laptop. You probably need adaptation and grow organically in your way with a MacBook.

We may not know what the next evolution is, but society always disregards them first.

This is even harder when customers don’t see that they have a problem or that it could be even better.

Most products need time. This is why you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket and expect your ‘launch’ to change the world. Plan ahead, cause this will likely not be the case and will take years.